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Eric Carson, Manager and owner of Hardson High Pressure Cleaning understands as a home owner the importance of maintaining a well presented property.

Eric has been helping homeowners and real estate agents to maximise the presentation and the full potential of their homes in the real estate market.

He has a full understand of what is required to present a property for market. His background in marketing and visual merchandising gives him a good understanding of attention to detail, which is impeccable. His aim is to optimise your properties to its true potential.

It is well understood that first impressions are lasting impressions and that often the sale of a home occurs in the first 30seconds of a buyer entering the property. Entry starts at the front gate and it is essential the exterior surfaces create as positive a picture as possible.

Hardson High Pressure Cleaning also has links with one of Sydney’s leading home decorating companies and will willingly arrange an introduction should a client wish to avail themselves of these services www.yourhomeworks.com.au


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